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Лан: новый оригинальный класс в Black Desert: чего ждать

Лан: новый оригинальный класс в Black Desert: чего ждать?

10 мая 2018 года создатели русскоязычной Black Desert в очередной раз порадовали фанатов игры новостями о предстоящем обновлении. И в этот раз – это не просто фиксы, помпезные костюмы или новый ивент, это настоящее событие – введение в BDO нового класса!

Видео-анонс на Youtube:

Лан (Lhan) – нереальной красоты класс, познакомиться с которым будет интересно всем игрокам Black Desert, независимо от того, нашли они «своего» персонажа в игре, или же нет.

How is Black Desert Online on Xbox?

Basically exactly what you posted.
Character creation is very fun and there’s some people who really really made nice characters (and its easy to use them as a starting point by importing them and changing it to your liking)

The grindy-ness is insane especially as you get into endgame where upgrading your gear is quite literally left to chance (and if you don’t get lucky, your items can *downgrade* )

Cash shop stuff is your standard fair but there’s quite a lot of stuff in there that can give you a big edge over other players. I’m not really sure how the more traditional PVP stuff goes as i tried to avoid it as much as possible. Pets were cute though.

I had fun with it but once i got to the endgame of my character I didn’t really have any interest in grinding out what i needed to and the content kind of "stopped" for me. That being said, its certainly someone’s cup of tea. The devs certainly give out a lot of little presents for logging in. I’m sure they’re probably doing something for the holidays too.

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Frosty Death Knight

  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #4

I hated it. The game doesn’t look half as good as any trailers make it look. Very blurry mess. It also does a terrible job at organizing UI or directing the player in anyway. I bought it for $10 and played it for like 10 minutes. Tried to enjoy it twice but still had no luck. Game just isn’t user friendly in any way imo.

granted there is a community for it so some people enjoy the game. But my experience was enough to say that I won’t be buying anything from Pearl Abyss again.


  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #5

Maybe I’m best off steering clear and going for a traditional single player Action RPG, or even Elder Scrolls Online.

Stupid trailer nearly made me cave to the hype.


One Winged Slayer
  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #6

Even people who play the game a ton shout about the grindyness




  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #7

Even people who play the game a ton shout about the grindyness




  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #8


  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #9

I can’t speak for the xbox version, just the pc version.
The game has some interesting things
— have workers gather resources for you, sort of like a sim game
— the class abilities are very cool, feels like they have huge power when you use them (if that makes sense)
— fishing is fun as it is a mini-game to reel the fish in, though it can get annoying fast. also allows you to auto fish while you sleep(on pc, not sure on consoles)
— enemies seem decent to look at, they are in large groups at times so some aoe might be required.

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Neutral points
— story is sort of weird, really not sure what is going on at times.
— gathering materials and grinding mobs can get boring fast if you do not like mindless grinding/gathering

bad points
— the biggest stand out for me was the performance. It is bad, really bad when I last played.
— graphic pop-ins galore.bushes, buildings,npcs, etc. have to by right next to the object sometimes to see the object.
— the User Interface could use a lot of work. some of the graphic options did not work or does nothing to help performance
— game might be p2w?
— graphics are not as good in game then you are lead to believe
— anti-aliasing is broke or does not work.

don’t know if they fixed any of these problems, I might try to play again if they fixed the performance.


  • Dec 14, 2020
  • #10

Best PvP, class differentiation and character creation on console MMO, but terrible if you play for the story (FFXIV has that part covered but Xbox doesn’t get that until 2021. It has a better single player experience than some mainline FFs, imho).

Yes, very grindy, as per Korean MMO standards. The whole game is a grind because no matter how elite you are there is some sort of aspiration you’re trying to achieve. Can be looked as good or bad depending in who you ask. I’m 582 gearscore and the next cheapest upgrade for me to get +2 more is like 16 billion silver, lol. However you make more money per hour grinding at higher GS so take that for what it’s worth. Some people make insane money lifeskilling but that takes knowing the economy and market. Others just like to farm, sail the ocean or hunt/alchemy/cook/fisk/whatever for fun. The game is very sandbox-y and not traditional.

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120fps on XSX
60fps on PS5

Don’t even bother playing it on a standard XB1 or PS4 if you don’t have an SSD. The game is infinetely better on next gen.

The only real item you should buy from the pearl shop is the tent which let’s you repair, buy potions/buffs and such at anytime (instead of blacksmith in town) but even then you won’t need that unless you’re serious about the game and in late game areas. I made due without it for over a 1.5 years until I finally said fuck it, it’s on sale and I should probably buy something since I’ve played for over 3k hours, and it would really come in handy where I grind. Was $30 or so. Don’t really care for Pearl Abyss, though, they can fuck off.

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