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Russian Food

Just as America is famous for being a country of pizza lovers and hot dog connoisseurs, Russia also identifies with a number of national dishes. Contemporary Russian cuisine is truly delicious. It is also healthy because it mostly relies on naturally grown ingredients. It is also very filling because Russian dishes have tons of vegetable oil, sour cream, and mayo. Russian national cuisine uses lots of grains and roots, vegetables, and everything else that vast lands, rich woods, and a plentiful of lakes and rivers have to offer. Staple Russian food features lots of fish, mushrooms, and berries.

Because of the harsh climate, Russians had a limited variety of ingredients, but this hardship has been compensated with creative recipes and combinations, as they have invented a mind-boggling variety of soups and because they had to preserve food for cold winters, Russians made a science out of pickling vegetables.

russian food

Among the most important ingredients in Russian cuisine are potatoes. In the early 18 th century Peter the Great brought potatoes to Russia (they had been discovered in South America).

At first, they were available to only elites and were considered poisonous by the peasants. Over time, potatoes have become the central element in almost every Russian dish, fried, boiled, baked, mashed, cooked as cakes, and so forth.

Later, with the development of Russia and expansion of its territories to Western Europe during the 16th-18 th , Russian kitchens of aristocrats incorporated the most sophisticated recipes from Austria, Germany, and France to their meals.

«Без ГМО»

Переплачивать за продукты, на которых написано, что они без ГМО, не стоит. На самом деле обычно большинство продуктов и не предполагают наличия ГМО, а надпись на этикетке – это всего лишь констатация очевидного факта, позволяющая производителю положить в свой карман дополнительный рубль. Однозначного ответа, опасны или безопасны генно-модифицированные продукты для нашего организма, наука не предлагает. Злоупотреблять ими, конечно, не стоит.

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